What is TIS?

(Total Integrated plugin for Solidworks)

A multilingual plugin that extends the functionality of Solidworks, saving you a lot of time. Removes all those repetitive and boring operations, automating them.

It is proposed to designers as an indispensable tool for their everyday life.

How does it simplify my work?

By selecting, with a single click on the component’s face or on an assembly, I can:

  • Clone the components on the fly, with the 2D table already associated and referenced.
  • Convert the whole assembly and parts in PDF, DXF, IGES, STEP, etc. formats
  • Print all the assembly drawings, with automatic choice of the plotter based on the sheet format.
  • Export BOM data and component properties, such as description, material, quantity, etc.
  • Prepare “in seconds” the drawings for sending, using a lighter version of the “Pack and Go”.

All these functions are optimized to require the user the minimum possible input.

How do licenses work, and how much does it cost?

tis manager window

For the first 30 days it is free.

Then € 1 / day

Each computer is associated with a unique hardware code, linked to its user account.

The licenses are subscription-based, so you can get updates, new features, support, etc. with no additional expense, plus avoid an initial investment before you get the results.

(The subscription plan can be customized according to duration and number of PCs)

“Transaction registered pursuant to Article 1, paragraphs 54 to 89, of Law no. 190/2014 (Italy) and subsequent amendments. ”(FLAT RATE)

How do I get it?

You can already download it and try it right now, it’s enough:

  1. Register a user on this site, via a simple email.
  2. Download the program and install it.
  3. Launch Solidworks, activate it and start using it.
  4. If you like it, contact us for the renewal.

For details, follow our INSTALLATION GUIDE