In the everyday work of a designer, it often happens that you have tight deadlines, unexpected and immediate changes, requests for drawings to be delivered “on the fly”, etc. Sometimes a tool would be needed to speed up, at least, what a computer could do on its own. And this is precisely the task for which TIS deals.


Cloning allows you to instantly generate a copy of the component you clicked on, complete with the 2D drawing already associated. Which normally should happen with a complicated sequence of clicks / open /close/save operations.

In addition, entire assemblies can be managed, automatically cloning all the specified dependencies.


The convert function allows you to export all the formats you need with just one click. All required parts, assemblies and subassemblies will be opened and converted automatically.


This module allows you to open and / or print independently all the drawings contained in the selected assembly. Depending on the sheet format it will also be possible to choose the target printer.


This function allows you to export particular properties of the components of the assembly (for example name, description, material, etc.). A summary BOM can also be generated with the count of all the pieces.

It is particularly useful / indispensable for interchange with a management program.

Copy And Go

The innovative “Copy And Go” function allows you to prepare a folder containing all the files of the assembly, ready to be sent to the customer or to the suppliers. Unlike other existing systems, package preparation is very fast, even with large assemblies.

The original folder hierarchies can also be recreated to leave files organized as they were originally.